Chat Language

fyi = for your information
btw = by the way
imho = in my humble opinion
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
g2g = got to go
statz = information about yourself
hl = hysterical laughter
w/b = welcome back
ysw = yep, sure, whatever
gts = giggles to self
syl = see you later
lylab = love you like a brother
afk = away from computer
a/s/l = age, sex, location
h2sus = hope to see you soon
bbiaw = be back in a while
j/k = just kidding
bbl = be back later
lol = laugh out loud
brb = be right back
lyb = love you bye
b4n = bye for now
pb = potty break
lylas = love you like a sister

aamof   As a matter of fact
afaik   As far as I know
bac     By any chance
b4      Before
b4n     Before now
bbl     Be back later
brb     Be right back
btw     By the way
cmiiw   Correct me if Iím wrong
cul     See you later
dh      Darling husband (or Darn Husband depending on
dw      Darling wife (see DH)
dd      Dear daughter
ds      Dear son
eof     End of file
fitb    Fill in the blank
4u      For you
f2f     Face to face
fwiw    For what itís worth
gmta    Great minds think alike
hth     Hope this helps
iac     In any case
ikwym   I know what you mean
imho    In my humble opinion
imo     In my opinion
iow     In other words
iykwim  If you know what I mean
j/k     Just kidding
jm2c    Just my two cents
kwim    Know what I mean
lbd     Little Brindle Dog
lol     Laughing out loud
nntr    No need to reply
oic     Oh, I see
otoh    On the other hand
rotfl   Rolling on the floor laughing
rotflmao Rolling on the floor laughing my a#$ off
sics    Sitting in the chair snickering
tia     Thanks in advance
tnx or txs      Thanks
ttfn    Ta-ta for now
2l8     Too late
2u      To you
wb      Welcome back
wtg     Way to go!
rsr     Yeah, sure, right
ywia    Youíre welcome in advance