Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Help F1
Rename selected item F2
Start 'Find' F3
Drop the "folder selection menu" in Windows Explorer F4
Refresh F5
Switch between panes F6
Spell Checker F7
Thesaurus Shift + F7
Go to menu mode F10
Save As F12
Quit current program alt + F4
Switch among open windows alt + esc
Open property dialog box alt + enter
Save with a new name alt + f + a
Switch between applications alt + tab
Print file in current program alt + f + p
Minimize all windows (when taskbar is selected) alt + m
Minimize all windows Windows key + m
Put the whole monitor on Clipboard print  screen
Put the active window on Clipboard alt + print  screen
Control menu alt + Spacebar
Minimize active window alt + spacebar + n
Reduce window size alt + spacebar + r
Enlarge window alt + spacebar + x
Reboot or end task ctrl + alt + delete
Select all ctrl + a
Cut ctrl + x
Copy ctrl + c
Paste ctrl + v 
Go to the beginning of a document ctrl + home
Go to the end of a document ctrl + end
Top of Page Ctrl + Page Up
Bottom of Page Ctrl + Page Down
Find Ctrl + F
Find & Replace Ctrl + H
Undo (last editing command) Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Bring up the 'Start' menu ctrl + esc
Move forward through tabs in dialog box ctrl + Tab
Close current folder and its parents shift + file/close
Bypass Autorun shift while inserting CD

Selected Objects

Display Properties dialog box alt + enter
Bold ctrl + b
Copy ctrl + c
Italics ctrl + i
Underline ctrl + u
Paste ctrl + v
Cut ctrl + x
Display an alternate context menu ctrl + right click
Save Ctrl + S
New Document Ctrl + N
Open Existing Document Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P
Close Ctrl + W
Single Line Spacing Ctrl + 1
Double Line Spacing Ctrl + 2
Double Line Spacing Ctrl + 5
Left Aligned Ctrl + L
Right Aligned Ctrl + R
Center Aligned Ctrl + E
Justified Ctrl + J
Place in Recycle Bin delete
Delete immediately without putting in Recycle Bin shift + delete
Context menu for selected item shift + F10

Managing Folders in Windows Explorer

Select all ctrl + a
Find F3
Refresh F5
Switch between panes F6
Go to the parent folder backspace
Go To Folder ctrl + G
Undo ctrl + Z
Creating a New Folder alt + w + f
Scroll without moving the selection ctrl + arrow key
Expand everything under the selection num lock + asterisk 
(on numeric keypad)
Collapse the selection Num Lock + Minus sign 
(on numeric keypad)
Expand the selection num lock + plus sign 
(on numeric keypad)
Expand current selection if it's collapsed, otherwise select first subfolder right arrow
Collapse current selection if it's expanded, otherwise select parent folder left arrow

Using the Windows Key

Opens Windows Explorer Windows Key + E
Maximize all windows Windows key + Shft + M
Minimize all windows Windows key + M
Find Files & Folders Windows Key + F
Toggles you between the Desktop and wherever you happen to be. Windows Key + D
Cycles taskbar buttons Windows  Key + Tab
brings up the Run command. Windows Key + R
Pause/Break Key takes you to System Properties Windows Key + Pause/Break